Referral Program

Refer A Friend

Ninja some free time out of us by using our refer a friend system.

Sign up a friend under your account, and receive a bonus 10% of the time for EVERY purchase they make. For as long as your friends are an RTL customer, you get free stuff.

– John signs up his friends Jane and Josh.
– Jane purchases a 3 month account
– and Josh purchases a 6 month account
– John will get 27 days free!

See Refer a Friend in the members area for more info.

Reduce the Lag Guild Program

The Reduce the Lag Guild program is similar to refer a friend, but works for your whole guild.

An extra 15% of EVERY purchase by your guild members is shared among the rest of the guild.
(Note: 10% for guilds with less than 5 members)

– CaptainAwesome, SirDieAlot, StationaryTarget, MoarHeals and JohnDoe are in a 5 man guild.
– JohnDoe purchases a 3 month RTL account
– Everyone else gets 3.4 days extra on their account (13 days / 4).

The guild system also allows setting a simple MOTD that will show up in the breaking news box, shows when your guild mates are online/offline, and shows a total of the rewards for your guild.

Check out the Guild System in the members area for more info.



  • The examples above are rounded for display purposes. The referral calculations are actually done down to the second.
  • Refer a Friend rewards are 10%.
  • Yes that’s right, if you’ve got 10 friends your RTL account becomes effectively free, forever.
  • Guild rewards are 10% for 2-4members, 15% for 5 or more.
  • Expired accounts are excluded from the guild reward distribution.