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We really are real people, really! And we also play WoW, so if you have a question why not ask? Also, feel free to check out the FAQs page, we may have already answered your question there.

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    Jun 15 2018 – RTL client v3.1.59 has been uploaded to fix false positives with virus scanners and security software.
    If your RTL has suddenly stopped working this may be the cause. Many security softwares have the habit of deleting files and not even telling you about it.
    <rant>Apparently opening -any- url in the default browser means you’re a virus. But if you try to hide that you’re doing it, or use Microsoft Edge instead, then you’re A-OK! If your virus scanner simply searches files for a single key word, is it really a virus scanner or a file search engine?</rant>

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