Aion 64bit 201307

Update 20130721:

    We have a new version we’d like tested. Please let us know how it goes, and please don’t forget to include the RTL.log debug log when contacting us.

We’ve been contacted by approx 15 people with issues using RTL since the release of the latest Aion patch on Wednesday. It added a 64bit Aion client.

Aion now automatically detects if your system is capable of running the 64bit client, so it may have changed without your input.
The problem seems to lie where RTL’s 64bit version doesn’t work properly on some computers.
We’re still collecting info and still do not know the cause, and have so far been unable to replicate the problem on any of our test systems. Currently our only source of information is you.

We’ve released a new version of RTL that includes more debugging info that will hopefully illuminate the issue – reducethelag_v3.1.16g-installer.exe
– Please uninstall RTL
– Upgrade to this new version
– Run a test by starting Aion

    You only need to login and play for a minute or two.

– Then send us the contents of the file C:\Program Files (x86)\ReducetheLag\RTL.log

    If you’ve already been in contact with us, just attach it to an email reply.

    Otherwise open the file in a text editor (eg notepad) and copy paste the contents into our contact us form.
    When contacting us it’d also be great if you could detail any other things you’ve tried to get it to work.

In the mean time, a couple of users with the issue have suggested a workaround that is documented on the Aion forums. By running Aion 32bit instead you bypass the issue completely.
You can read about it here: